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Character Page: John

Character Page: John

13th May 2018, 6:15 PM in Character Pages
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Author Notes:

SnowFall 13th May 2018, 6:15 PM edit delete
Hello and welcome to Snowfall. As you can see, the above image is not yet part of the comic - it is one of the characters that will appear within the comic.

I am a very busy person and I do not have a lot of time to draw, regrettably, so updates will be slow, and while I am getting ready to publish first actual content, occasionally these character designs will pop up.

Questions are always welcome.

It is to note, however, that these character pages will ALSO help me figure out a proper artstyle to use for the comic. Votes are of course allowed and welcome, do keep in mind that the quality shown on this (and further character info) page(s) might not be representative of the final product.
So in case you do not like the character or the style chosen to portray him, it would be kind of you to abstain with voting until actual content starts rolling in, as the style chosen at that point will be the one I've settled for. For now, giving good or bad votes will merely reduce or raise the chances of the comic having a good start lateron. I do not want to forbid it though, so do as you see fit.

As I'm already here I might as well give a short introduction to Snowfall - A little FAQ before questions can be asked at all. So... not really a FAQ, but let's ignore that.

What is this comic?
A mixture of one of my favorite games (mafia), some of my favorite character concepts, and drawing as a general hobby of mine.

How frequent will you update?
I don't know yet. I'm a student. A busy one.

I like John can I marry him?
No he's mine

Can I ask you questions about the comic or share ideas etcetera or will you just ignore me?
I'll do my best to read comments and questions are always welcome. Of course ideas can be shared as well, but do be aware that I'm not starting from / with nothing. The story, most characters, their personalities - it all already exists, it's just not in a physical (er... digital) form yet. As such I cannot promise you will find suggestions appear in the comic. If I really like them though I'll obviously consider them and give credit where credit is due.

If you've even read this - thank you. Very kind. The murdering shall get started eventually.

P.S.: I will obviously not disclose too much about characters, like their roles in the game if they have one at all. Questions about characters appearing in the character pages may always be asked, though will not be answered if the answer will be given in the story itself (backstories etcetera might be a thing in form of flashbacks - not yet fully decided. Perhaps as little subchapters inbetween the juicy bits.)